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Why I Can't Give You The Login For Your Business Facebook Page

Social Media

Think of a Business Page like a car. A car can't go anywhere all on it's own. It has to have a person to drive it. You create a Business Page while logged in as a person, using a personal profile. That profile is automatically connected to the page as an Admin--someone who owns the keys to the car.

When It Comes To Effective Web Design, Simple Wins

User Experience, Web Design

Much like a complex business website, an iPhone is an impressive and fascinating piece of technology. However, a design that's more like a rotary dial phone--one that's elegantly simple and easy to navigate--will be more likely to make your real business phone ring with new customers. Even if your real business phone actually is an iPhone.

Chicago Gets First Groupon Foursquare Deals

Social Media

Friday, the anticipated integration between check-in utility Foursquare and daily deals service Groupon began displaying their first deals in Chicago Friday, with an anticipated national rollout to follow later this week.

Don't Let S.O.S Syndrome Kill Your SEO

Search, Internet Marketing

S.O.S. Syndrome is when a business owner lets exciting new tactics and tools (“shiny objects”) and/or relatively small, niggling site maintenance tasks (“specks”) distract from the real goal of his or her internet marketing program. When this happens pretty much every month, you either don't get the business results you signed on for because you sent your web marketing experts chasing after S.O.S's instead of letting them do the work they pitched, or your agency isn't willing to keep letting you get a 2-for-1 deal on their time. So, how do you avoid S.O.S. Syndrome?