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What size businesses can you help?

We can (and do) provide services from single member startups to Fortune 100 companies. We pride ourselves on being able to provide bespoke services based on a goal based strategy. The one thing our clients have in common? They want the best website design.

How do I know which services or features I need?

That’s our job! Every business is different, but many have the same desires: more clients, more profit, increased notoriety, better reputation, quality staff, etc. We conduct an initial needs assessment to determine your audience, goals and unique nuances of your industry and make a recommendation that fits within your timeline and budget.

I need a website that myself or someone on my staff can update. Can you make this happen?

Oh yeah. All of the websites we create are powered by a content management system that allows the owner or staff to update general copy. And depending on your needs, we can also provide additional functionality, such as blogs, news, calendars, portfolios, etc, that allow more sophisticated updates. And it’s a cinch to update your website.

Do you provide training on how to update the website?

Yes. And it generally only takes about 45 minutes to learn.

What if I want to start small and grow the website over time?

We will make a recommendation on what features your website needs to have on launch, and because we design and develop all of our websites to evolve over time we make it as easy as possible to add new features and content as your business grows or changes.

Do the websites you create display properly on mobile devices?

Even better: we create mobile "responsive" websites, which display perfectly on all devices from smartphones to widescreen TV’s. And because the website "responds" to the device, it provides an ideal visitor experience from any device. Wanna see an example? Open this site on any device you’d like and compare, or check out this case study for The Comfy Cow, which of course is responsive.

I don’t know much about what I need. Can you help?

We always provide an initial needs assessment to determine exactly what you need regardless of your web design or marketing experience. Have some ideas of your own? We’re all ears. Need some ideas? That’s what we do!

How much should I budget for a proper website?

This varies wildly depending on goals and needs as well as the platform you decide to build on. We help businesses navigate these issues and can generally provide a solution that meets both need and budget. After conducting our complimentary Needs Assessment we provide a range of pricing based on your goals.

I need a very sophisticated website. Can you handle a large custom build?

Yes. We’re a custom web design and development site. We’ve developed extremely sophisticated websites and are the region’s most capable web design firm. Contact us to discuss.

Do you create e-Commerce websites?

Yes. In fact, it’s one of our specialties. Contact us to discuss.

How involved would I need to be in the development of the website?

As involved as you’d like to be. Our bespoke website design process was designed to extrapolate all the information from you or your team that we need.

I don’t see an example in your portfolio of a website for my industry. Should this matter?

Not all. We’ve designed and developed over 400 websites, and that covers just about every major industry. We’ve got a great deal of experience in developing websites for the healthcare, legal, manufacturing, furniture, architecture, engineering, construction and restaurant industries. We’ve also created many e-commerce websites.

How long does it generally take to create a website?

Totally depends on the size and scope of the website project and our capacity at the time. We are one of the regions most in-demand web design agency, so our availability varies. Generally speaking our sites can take 30 days to up to 4 months, depending on the size and functionality. Need it quick? Ask us about our rapid development service.

Can you update my current website?

Maybe. We don’t like to apply band-aids and most of those that come to us for modifications to a site we didn’t originally develop are usually too outdated and poorly designed to be worth the update. Give us a shout and we’ll review your website at no charge.

Do you develop apps?

We develop mobile and responsive web solutions. The vast majority of clients that contact us looking for app development actually need only a mobile web application. If you truly need an app, we can help. Don’t know the difference? Give us a call.

Who will be creating the content for my website?

Totally depends. You or your team can provide the copy or assets, or we can create them. Very often it is a joint effort, but suffice it to say, we will advise on a content strategy for your website that aligns with your web marketing strategy. We provide copywriting, photography, blog writing and illustration. Content is still king!

I want my website to be ranked highly on Google and other search engines. Do you provide SEO?

Indeed. A beautiful, easy to use website is virtually useless without qualified visitors. SEO has changed dramatically over the last few years and we are one of the few firms that have kept up with the changes. Need proof? Check out the Dauenhauer Plumbing case study for just one of many examples.

Where will my website be hosted?

We offer premium hosting services or it can be hosted at a reputable and capable third party hosting solution. Easy peasy.

I see you are in Louisville. Can you work with someone out of town?

Yep, about 50% of our clients are outside of the esteemed Commonwealth of Kentucky. We serve the largest carbon credit trading company in Europe, have clients in Barbados and even one in Siberia. Brrr. As an OOHology division, we also have offices in Chicago, Indianapolis and Cincinnati.

Do you provide custom design or templates?

We prefer, and recommend, a full custom website design that fits your needs and goals like a glove. However, If you have a limited budget that prohibits custom website design, we offer a range of other solutions including, but not limited to, theme or template modification.

If I make an appointment, what can I expect?

You can expect a thorough and sophisticated (but mostly painless) initial needs assessment. We’ll ask questions and discuss your wants, needs and goals. We hope to glean enough information to offer you a choice of web design, branding and marketing solutions that fit your budget and timeline.

Dang it! My question isn’t listed here in your shoddy FAQ!

Settle down, Skippy. You can always call and ask or use this handy dandy "Ask a us Question" form. We’ll get back to you quickly. Scout’s honor.