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Here’s a simple overview of what we offer:


Content Strategy

The beauty of a business website is that it's a fluid marketing piece, made to change frequently so you can easily keep your customers up-to-date on your latest promotions, news and special offers. Let us craft a custom content strategy for your website and social media.

Louisville web content strategy


Your website copy is the backbone of your website and is very important. If writing is not your forte, we can write all the copy on your website for you. Let us compose the professional prose that speaks directly to your visitor in order to increase the conversion of visitors to paying customers and improves your SEO.

Louisville web copywriting


This one is pretty much a no-brainer. Photography is one of the greatest and most versatile communication tools ever invented and you should take full advantage of our talented and dedicated in-house photographers to capture your business' best side.

Louisville web photography

Video Production

In the digital age, video is a powerful asset that can be used in multiple mediums from websites to presentations to social media. Our videographers can capture your business and your clients' attention with engaging video or animation.

Louisville web video

Hosting & Email Set-Up

We provide premium and secure hosting services to our clients that need it. We have a variety of solutions that will fit your specific needs from simple hosting to e-commerce solutions to dedicated VPN. We also provide optional monthly support options.

Louisville web hosting and email

Website Tracking & Analytics

Tracking your website traffic is of key importance to ensure online success. We offer a powerful suite of tools that measures the effectiveness of your website performance and activity, from pay-per-click and online marketing to search engine optimization and beyond. And, it's a cinch to use, regardless of your knowledge level.

Louisville website tracking & analytics

Web Readiness

This is a term we coined. We've been doing this for years and the vast majority of clients that have come to us looking for website design & development were not in possession of the assets required to craft the best website possible. So, we evolved Makespace! from a web design shop to a full service digital agency in order to provide every possible skill set and service needed to deliver effective websites and web marketing. Are you ready for the Web? Better yet, are you ready to discuss your project over coffee?

Louisville web readiness