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How much content is enough to please Google?

Search, Development, Content

Things have been really busy here at Makespace this spring, with several client website launches. One critical milestone that clients usually struggle with is content strategy. Obtaining website copy from web design clients can be a difficult process, partly because clients often underestimate just how much content is needed to create a robust, search engine friendly site that will position them well in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for their most important keywords.

Don't Forget Email for Driving Business Leads

Makespace Team

Email Marketing

With all the new tools that web marketers have at our disposal these days it's easy to forget the old standby of direct response, email marketing.

Bing, Facebook, and What Social Search Means for SMBs

Social Media, Search

Search engine marketing is great for positioning your business in front of customers looking for your products or services, who don't necessarily know your business name. Social media marketing is great for getting trustworthy, personal word-of-mouth recommendations for your business. For quite a while now, it's seemed like these two great marketing tastes are moving towards a collision.

Website Rebuild: Content Harvesting and Data Migration

Makespace Team

Content, Web Design, Information Architecture, Search, Development

When the choice is made to more-or-less abandon an old site structure for a new one, the content within the site may very well be salvagable. In fact, it is worthwhile...