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Why We're Not Afraid of Giving Away Our "Secret Sauce"

Web Design, Development, Search

If you spend much time researching companies that do internet marketing, especially search engine optimization, you'll discover something interesting. They often love to tell you what results they'll get you. But when you try to dig a little deeper into how they get those results, things often get a little murky. 

There are a couple of reasons for that. One of which is an honest reason, and one of which should give you pause. The honest reason is, there is no secret sauce to doing internet marketing. There's a wealth of resources out there on how to optimize your website to perform well in search. If you have the time, the basic intelligence and the willingness to learn and experiment, pretty much anyone can be successful in internet marketing.

The murkier reason is that there are some super sneaky things that you can do that will sometimes earn you big short term results, but which can also get your website penalized and labeled SPAM by Google. These "black hat" tactics are obviously questionable practices, even to a web layman. So their practictioners tend to talk in extremely vague terms. Either that, or they keep the level of explanation so technical that they believe clients won't understand that they're actually using code to hijack web surfers' browsers, plant bogus links, etc.

At Makespace, we don't have a problem with sharing our recipe for success, in as much or as little detail as our clients would prefer. That's because he main ingredient is sweat. Creating beautiful, clean-coded sites with solid architecture and then keeping a steady stream of fresh, engaging and relevant content is a lot of hard work. Our clients recognize that just because they technically could do some of this work themselves, that doesn't mean they should. Hiring us means they can focus on running their business, so the experience we're helping to create on the web is just as solid as the one that happens in their place of business.

And that's a recipe for success we actually hope gets copied by others.