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Your Other Front Door

Internet Marketing, Web Design

Makespace Team

Have you looked at your lobby recently?  So many of the firms I visit have invested tons of money to make sure their lobbies are impressive.  There's artwork on the walls, warm colors, stacks of information for visitors, etc.  All of this is done to convey an image of success, confidence, friendliness.  What I find interesting is that many spend so much time in this area, but completely miss the opportunity to attract people who don't yet know them.  

In today's world, you have two front doors:  the one to your physical office, and your "virtual" front door (i.e. your website) - which is probably the first contact they have with you.  More often than not, there's a huge disconnect between the look and feel of the office, and the "virtual" front door presented on your website.

Your site should really compliment and re-enforce your brand and/or your other marketing tools.  Ask yourself an honest question, "Does my website fall flat?"  More to the point, "Based on this, would I hire me?" 

Your business environment is incredibly competitive, but have you really embraced effective marketing?  I don't mean "advertising" in the traditional sense, rather "marketing" which is truly differentiating your company/practice from your competition.  That's where your web presence can have an immediate, trackable impact.

Even if I get your name via a word-of-mouth referral, Google's a verb.  I'm going to check you out (and probably several of your competitors).  Your site is a front door - an introduction to the business.  For those reasons, it needs to attract a prospective customer through testimonials (or case studies), good information presented in a simple layout, possibly a video about key personnel, and importantly, welcoming graphics that entice me to contact the office to schedule a consultation.

People love the Internet because it's easy, it's quick, and it enables them to size you up before they commit to contacting you.  So let me ask you again, based on your current website, would you hire you? If you're not so sure, give us a call. We'd love to discuss some proven ways to correct that.