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Remarketing: Chasing your customers around the interwebs

Search, Advertising

If you do paid search advertising, also known as pay per click or PPC, you may have heard the term "remarketing." It's often used interchangeably with the term "retargeting." 

So what is remarketing or retargeting? It's a feature that Adwords offers which will allow you a "second chance" (or third, fourth, or tenth chance) to get your message in front of someone who has visited your website. 

With remarketing, you put a bit of code on certain webpages on your site that anonymously "tags" that visitor. Then Adwords shows your ads to that visitor when he or she is on other sites that display Google Ads using their Display Network, previously known as the Content Network. 

I know this sounds pretty confusing, but it can be a great way to target some of your advertising to people who have already demonstrated some interest in your products or services, even when they're not actively searching for you. This is particularly helpful in certain businesses that are more impulse-driven. 

Here's an example. Let's say you sell reconditioned laptops. You put the remarketing code on the product page for your reconditioned ThinkPads. That user may be "virtual window shopping" (or "Windows shopping," as the case may be!) But they do have some interest in that particular product. You can then serve an ad pointing them back to your great deal on ThinkPads when they're checking their Gmail, or visiting their favorite blogs, or watching videos on YouTube. Over time, you get the opportunity to keep reminding them about that ThinkPad they had their eye on, so when they're ready to purchase, they come back to you.

If you're doing Display Advertising through Adwords, remarketing can be a great way to increase your ad performance. Want to talk paid search strategy? Contact us and set up a meeting to talk with our internet marketing specialists.