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Putting marketing experiments work for your local business

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When you hear the word "experiment" you might think guys in white lab coats with beakers and things frothing out of test tubes. 

You don't have to be a mad scientist to conduct experiments. In fact, if you own a local business, conducting marketing experiments can be a great way to find new ways to promote your business.

Local businesses have limited resources, and it can be a frustratingly static playing field. The competition sometimes reminds me of a NASCAR race. No offense to anyone that loves NASCAR, but ever notice that most of the time, the cars stay in the same position for almost every lap? The local business market can be very similar--the businesses that have good market awareness, either because they've been around forever, or because they have a bigger budget to purchase more local media, stay at the front of the pack. 

One of the things I love about doing web marketing in Louisville is the way it can really level the playing field. Do you know what your business has as an advantage over the bigger players in the market? A motivation to try something different. 

Is your competition using blogging? Social media? Does their ecommerce user experience meet or exceed their brick-and-mortar experience? Are they using email? If so, are they really using it effectively? What about text message coupons, QR codes and other mobile marketing techniques? Anything they're not doing is something you can try, and the beauty of digital marketing is that it's usually much less expensive to test an idea or technique than it is to purchase a six month local television campaign to see how well it will drive business. 

Whatever experiment you decide to take, commit to it for a few months at least--while lower cost overall than a television campaign, most of the time internet marketing takes a while to start generating results. Also, enlist some expert help--if you don't get the results you were hoping for from your experiment, you want to be sure that the problem was the technique or medium, not poor strategy or execution. 

We've had some really surprising and successful experiments with some of our clients lately. If you're interested in hearing some exciting new ideas for moving your business ahead, give us a call.