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Promoting Your Website Outside of Google

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Makespace Team

When there's an 800-pound gorilla in the room, it's difficult to ignore.  Let me begin by saying, "You Have to Respect the Google."  Upwards of 70+% of all search traffic is done via Google, so effective search engine optimization is critical for most website strategies.  However, there are other ways for you to be successful in promoting your website outside of Google.  Beyond traditional media, pay-per-click, and other tactics to get your site noticed, we've seemed to have forgotten the simple power of relationships.  Let's revisit the topic.

In a recent blog post, Eric Ward, detailed a very successful strategy.  On your way into work tomorrow, make a mental list of some of the businesses you pass.  Many of them may be attempting to attract clients who would also be interested in your product or services.  Eric uses the example of a local scuba shop that established relationships with area hotels.  People who reserved a room with some of those hotels were sent email confirmations -- and a recommendation for them to consider booking an excursion with the local shop.  The hotel didn't lose any revenue by passing along a great tip.  The scuba shop provided a more memorable stay for the hotel guest.  Now however, those guest have a reason to tell others about their experience (and the shop).  Consider the power of a solid online recommendation!

Don't get me wrong, a great search engine optimization strategy will do wonders for your website's visibility.  If you're already doing that, join the crowd.  Entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to drive awareness and sales.  Why not consider teaming up with some of your local businesses to develop low-cost synergies that might just help both of you?  Can you find a way to get a mention in another company's communication?  Can you promote a product/service that compliments (not competes with) a nearby store's product?  

Now that spring is here, take some time to reconnect with your local businesses. You might find that you can generate incremental traffic to your site that didn't actually come through Google.  The surprising little fact is that those visitors might actually convert at a higher rate than the casual online browser.  

As an integrated, digital marketing agency, Oohology is always looking for ways to give our clients a competitive edge.  If you'd like to explore some of the innovative ideas we're developing, give us a call.  The coffee's on us.