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Web Design

Mark Palmer

Louisville's top martial arts training school has hired Louisville web designers Makespace! Media + Design Lab to design a new website. The martial arts academy has recently outgrown their current website, and they decided on Kentucky's top web design company to design a website with some of the latest Web 2.0 applications. This website will feature video, interactive class scheduling & sign-up, e-commerce capabilities & more.

"It was time to get a website that reflected our company, one that's top notch and that gives us the strong image that we deserve", said Louisville Martial Arts Academy representative and instructor Rob. We wanted the best website so we looked around and hired Makespace, who we believe is the best Louisville website design studio. We met with several, but after seeing their website design portfolio, their passion for their work, and the genuine interest they took in our success, the decision to have Makespace Media & Design Lab design our website was a real no-brainer".

Site Design for Louisville Martial Arts Academy
Louisville Martial Arts Academy's New Website Design By Makespace!