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Louisville City Football Club Logo Design: Why We Answered The Call

Branding, Logo Design, Creative Design, Sports Branding

Makespace Team

We are Louisville's choice for web design and logos and never do spec work. So why did we make an exception for the Louisville City Football Club logo design contest? We did it for several reasons, none of which would merit spec work on their own, so it was a bit of a perfect storm.


1. Relationships

We are a relationship company, not a transactional one. Our sister company, OOHology, is Louisville's premier digital advertising agency, and that's why Wayne Estopinal and his incredible team of architects, The Estopinal Group, selected them for their web design project. When we heard word that Wayne was leading the charge to bring professional soccer to Louisville, we knew we had to try and play a role.


2. Louisville

We are a Louisville based company and stark raving fans of our city, and we wanted Louisville to be well represented in the spotlight. There are many talented logo designers in Louisville, so it just didn't make sense for the team to go forward with the less-than-ideal logo and website that they had. As full fledged followers of the "if you wanna do something right you gotta do it yourself" mantra when it comes to branding and web design, we knew we had to help out.


3. Soccer

We're fans. Some would say early adopters. Our founder, the illustrious Mark Palmer, is married to a Turk and has spent a considerable amount of time overseas, where he experienced the passion of soccer fanatics first hand. It rubbed off. As fans of professional sports, which Louisville lacks, we decided to do our part. I guess you could say we "did it for the game".


4. notoriety

Last but not least, we saw an opportunity to get in with an organization that seems destined for success. As a non-transactional company with a wheelhouse of website design and marketing, we know we can help (this time for pay!) with the new Louisville City Football Club website, jersey design, print design and whatever other creative, advertising or marketing services that they would need.

Finally, no matter how many times you see your logo design work in action, it feels great and never, ever gets old.