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Hey Louisville Small Businesses: Get Your Slice of the Web! (Or, why we launched WebCake)

Mark Palmer

Louisville, KY:

Yesterday, we launched WebCake.


I believe that virtually all businesses need a proper online presence, and the nucleus of that presence is a website. Sophistication levels will vary wildly depending on a whole host of factors: goals, sales cycle, verticals, target audience, brand, process and so on. I also believe that a website is no place to skimp, and though budget should be spent thoughtfully, you should go big or go home.

Except when you can't. Because you're just starting, or you're going through a dry spell. Or you've been burned by a shitty web designer. Or, you're just not sure you want to make the investment into a custom designed website just yet. Or, maybe your needs just aren't that complicated.

The impetus for us to launch our WebCake program was based on experience. If you know anything at all about Makespace, you'll know that we're in this business to make beautiful, feature rich, engaging websites that just so happen to make our clients money. And thusly, we make money doing it. And that's great because it lets us continue to make more beautiful, engaging stuff. And more money. And the virtuous cycle continues.

I meet with potential clients in Louisville nearly every day and we certainly get our share of new business. When we don't, it's generally due to upfront cost. In those cases there is little we can do because custom, thoughtful web design takes time and money. So we'd regretfully send them packing.

But then an unexpected thing would happen, time and time again: they'd come back, burned and without whatever initial budget they had because they'd blown it at a half-assed hack shop. The only silver lining: they'd learned a vaulable lesson: most people suck at web design and the industry is fraught with bait and switch tactics, dismal customer service and general incompetence.

We wanted to come up with a solution that would make the most of a small web design budget, one that utilized existing assets and frameworks to create beautiful, professional looking websites that would get them in the game. Make 'em some money. Accomplish some goals. Get 'em a foot in the digital door. Grow 'em up under our watchful eye and evolve them over time. Utilize the experience we've gained from planning, designing and launching over 400 custom websites.

The solution: WebCake. Sure, they're customized templates, but in the skillful hands of Louisville's most trusted web design company. I like to liken it to the relationship between BMW and Mini Cooper, without the pretense.

Let me be clear: If a business has sophisticated or nuanced traditional or digital marketing needs, a custom, thoughtful and process driven methodology is the only way to go. End of story. If they have the liquid, they need to spend it on a professional, custom website design process, empathy maps, wire-frames, style guides, persona development, market research, analytics, user-experience and an iterative, innovative methodology.

Questions, hit me up. Here's my digits: 502-664-7951.


Mark Palmer
Co-Founder of OOHology and Makespace