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New Research Says Smartphone Marketing Essential for Restaurants

Web Design, Discovery, Internet Marketing

Makespace Team

A recent survey released by market research firm Lab 42 highlights the increasing reliance that foodies place on their mobile devices when it comes to making decisions about where to eat.

According to the Smartphone Foodies survey: 95% of those surveyed use their smartphone prior to dining out. The primary reason for using the smartphone before dining out was split fairly evenly between coordinating plans with others, searching for a restaurant, viewing food and beverage menus, and finding directions to a restaurant.

Almost a quarter of all respondents indicated that they use their smart phone every time they dine out, or almost every time.

With statistics like this, we're continually baffled at how many restaurant websites are still created relying on Flash (which is not accessible on most smartphones) and don't have consistent microformats allowing their location, hours of operation, and menus to be indexed semantically by Google to be served up on Android devices for relevant local, mobile searches.

You can read more of the survey results here. If you are responsible for restaurant marketing, and want to hear how we can help you promote your restaurant on smart phones, contact us today.