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Can web analytics insights help you refine your business model?


Makespace Team

Analytics reports are often the "Emperor’s new clothes" of business data. The reports are often produced by web professionals, who don’t connect the metrics to business activity. Then they’re read by managers, who don’t necessarily understand the meaning of the numbers. Instead of admitting their confusion and asking for clarification (or better metrics!), they briefly glance at the report and move on.

This is a shame, because web analytics data can sometimes have the power to provide insights that can be truly transformative for your business:

  • Products you don’t offer (yet), that people are searching for on your website.
  • Customer retention problems caused by service issues that aren’t being solved by your FAQs or customer service staff.
  • Warm leads in the form of prospect business IP addresses that are visiting your website, then failing to connect.

All of this is potentially valuable, actionable business information that can be pulled from your web site analytics data. If you're not getting information you can use, give us a call. We can help.