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Five ultracool HTML5 applications that will blow your mind.

User Experience, Web Design, Development, Enhance

Mark Palmer

Everybody loves a good old-fashioned list post. Today, we’re combining that blogging standby with the cutting-edge goodness of HTML5. Here are some sites/games/apps (HTML5 is pretty versatile for a markup language) we thought were pretty sweet.

  1. Stunning and colorful interactive animation using HTML5's canvas element
  2. Little Red Shooting Hood - Because you know you’ve always wanted to shoot the wolf with a machine gun.
  3. MugTug - a reasonably decent Photoshop clone that runs on HTML5
  4. The Wilderness Downtown - Amazingly cool, once you get past the stalkery aspect
  5. Checklist - a mobile app coded in HTML5 for creating to-do lists or grocery lists

Have you seen any amazing front-end development work in HTML5? Give us a heads-up by email.