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Finally, the new Makespace website is live!

Development, Branding, Web Design, User Experience

Mark Palmer

In the summer of 2012 we decided that the Makespace! website needed to be replaced. Why? After all, it was goodlookin', robust, content rich and better than our competetiors' websites. The answer: because it wasn't "fully responsive", ie, it didn't ideally adapt to all web browsing devices, thusly not a perfect user-experience. So, we embarked on the new website development project. It started with a bang and the wireframes and designs were complete within a couple o' weeks. Then the floodwall broke and we were crushed with client work. Sacrificing our needs for the needs of our customers, we back-burnered the project.

We revived it a couple of months ago and were determined to complete it.

So here it is. And it's a testament to how leading edge our craft really is. This site features custom illustrated vector art, stylish animations, hidden easter eggs, some of our latest web design and branding projects, and snarky prose. And of course, it is fully responsive. Give it a whirl and tell us what you think.