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“But I Don’t Want to Be a Media Company!”

Social Media, Content, Email Marketing

I’ve found, though, that a lot of SMBs are very resistant to this idea that every company is a media company. After all, most didn’t get into business with the idea of becoming a media company. They wanted to sell industrial machine parts, or coffee, or imported home goods, or whatever passion drove them into entrepreneurship.

How much content is enough to please Google?

Search, Development, Content

Things have been really busy here at Makespace this spring, with several client website launches. One critical milestone that clients usually struggle with is content strategy. Obtaining website copy from web design clients can be a difficult process, partly because clients often underestimate just how much content is needed to create a robust, search engine friendly site that will position them well in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for their most important keywords.

Website Rebuild: Content Harvesting and Data Migration

Makespace Team

Content, Web Design, Information Architecture, Search, Development

When the choice is made to more-or-less abandon an old site structure for a new one, the content within the site may very well be salvagable. In fact, it is worthwhile...

Social media marketing: to outsource, or not to outsource?

Internet Marketing, Social Media, Content

In my experience, a rich and productive social media program has many moving parts and many goals. Some of those moving parts, and some of those goals, are best outsourced and others are best kept in house.