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Makespace! Needs Fine Art!

Web Design

Mark Palmer

Louisville, Kentucky’s top creative web design, print design and advertising company is on the hunt to purchase original artwork from Kentucky based artists. The Louisville based web & print designers have recently renovated a 3600 sq. ft. studio-office and have decked it out with modern furniture, a top of the line audio-video system, and a full kitchen. Says

Makespace! idea man Mark Palmer: “I think fine art is extremely important, especially for a creative design company. I have a background in art myself and we want our clients to feel like they’ve walked into an art gallery. We’ve put a lot into our new space and the art is the icing on the cake”.

Makespace! has recently purchased artwork by local Louisville artists Jeanine Barnhart and Kløven, as well as nationally renowned photographer Dan Dry. They’ve also commissioned two large paintings by Doug Miller.

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