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How much impact does typography and color choice have on web users?

Web Design

Makespace Team

Good design can be a highly subjective topic. After all, web sites with extremely ugly designs (I’m looking at you, Craigslist) are sometimes very popular.

Even so, good design choices can reinforce your web site visitors’ intent to purchase or do business with you.

Market research psychologists have suggested that color impression can account for up to 60% of a consumer’s acceptance or rejection of a product or service. Choosing a color scheme for your web site can either create confidence and excitement, or turn visitors off.

Similarly, typography is even more important in web design than in print advertising. In contrast with print, sans serif fonts have better readability online, and are usually the best choice for lengthy body copy. It’s important to also realize that attractive and unusual fonts in headings will need to be rendered as graphics to display properly, and then have alt-text applied (both for search engine optimization reasons, and for good web accessibility for those using a reader.)

When designing a new web site, it’s important to not let subjective personal preference override what’s in the best interest of your business.