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Web Design Worth It's Weight in Gold. Literally.

Web Design

File this one under: only at Makespace.

We recently had a client come to us with an unusual request for a web design project. The project itself is fairly cool: an intranet that pushes alerts as SMS / text messages to members' mobile phones. While that's the kind of interesting and different project we like tackling, the unusual request was in the terms of payment: gold bouillon.

That's right. As in "Fort Knox." As in "shiny coins beloved by leprechauns everywhere."

The customer was a non-profit organization, but our contact is an existing and trusted client of ours. Our intrepid business operations guys took a look at the value of the coins being offered, and felt like at the current value, it was a fair price for the project.

Plus, who gets to actually say their work is worth it's weight in gold, literally?  

As you can see, Mark is quite pleased with the arrangement. And hey, if the economy gets any worse, this may end up being our preferred means of payment.