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Why Your Logo Matters pt 3: Seeing is Believing


Makespace Team

Your logo carries the weight of your company on its shoulders, and before you have a chance to engage the client personally, it is often responsible for making a first impression. In an instant it will make a statement about the quality of your business to customers who will in many cases make a decision based on that impression. Keep in mind, that you may not always have the opportunity to correct misconceptions a potential client may have formulated based on a poorly designed logo.

To see something is evaluate and reach a conclusion about it. Whether something is beautiful, ugly or altogether uninteresting, we are constantly reaching conclusions about the things we see, and although a client may not analyze the merits or flaws of a logo, it will none the less leave an instant impression on them, according the quality and intelligence (or lack thereof) in its design.

It's impossible not to have this kind of instinctual reaction to the things we see, and the integrity of a businesses is often assessed through a logo, with a similar, unconscious rapidity. A client may not consciously remark on a bad logo, but a cluttered design, indistinct message, or generic features will all have an effect on their immediate perception of it and the business it represents.

A logo needs to espouse the values of the company, communicating them with clarity and consistency. Poor logo design often appears cheap, distorting the intended message with disruptive composition or inappropriate styles. A logo that appears hastily prepared or is difficult to visually navigate will fail to inspire the kind of trust and stability that is achieved through recognition, simplicity and continuity.

The decision to invest in your logo is represents a conscious effort to consider and account for a fundamental component of your company’s public presence and one of the first steps in elevating your entire brand.

As a pillar of your visual identity and a representation of who you are in business, you owe it to yourself to make sure your logo is a proper reflection of your professional values and goals.

Have you taken a look at your logo recently? Is fulfilling the lofty expectations of its role? If not, give us a call. We'd be happy to sit down with you and evaluate your current logo, tweak it, redesign it, or start over completely.

Want to learn more about how your logo can add value to your brand? Read part one and part two of this 3-part series, or give us a call and we’ll discuss it with your particular business in mind!