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Why Your Logo Matters, pt 1: A Valuable Digital Asset


Makespace Team

With all the other responsibilities of managing a business, it's easy to overlook the importance of a good logo design. Like a lot of other standard brand assets (business cards, letterheads etc.), a logo is usually regarded as just a necessary afterthought, primarily because when compared to other more palpable aspects of your business such as a website or marketing campaigns, the success of which can often be measured in analytics and visible client conversion, the actual value of a logo designcan be hard to distinguish on your bottom line.

In this way it's not unlike a "brand" as a whole, which is a crucial element to create and maintain in order to increase credibility and elevate a company over the competition, but is ultimately difficult to evaluate in terms of actual revenue. With all the demands of maintaining the areas of your company that provide immediate, visible returns, measured in day to day results, it's easy to understand why a logo is often undervalued and overlooked. This can be a costly oversight, but like the actual value of a good logo design, you may never be aware of the detrimental nature of a bad one.

The best way to appreciate the importance of a logo is to understand the significance of its role. The logo is all about the client. It is designed to accurately portray your business to the consumer. Like uniforms, or maintaining a tidy place of business, a logo is a crucial aspect of your professional appearance that conveys the integrity, character and dedication of a company.When you get a picture of how your logo works on behalf of company's image, its value becomes much more apparent.

First consider the prominence of its position within your brand and the high profile nature of it's purpose. Far from being a obligatory accoutrement, your logo is the very symbol of your business. It is the visual distillation of it's scope (products and services), and vision (values and philosophy). It is the most prevalent and visible representation of your company and, along with the name itself, the most important asset to brand recognition. As its visual counterpart, the consistency and integrity of your logo should be given as much consideration as that of your company name.

Want to learn more about how your logo can add value to your brand? Check back next week for part 2 of this 3 part series, or give us a call and we’ll discuss it with your particular business in mind!