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Portfolio: YMCA of Greater Louisville

Why They Called Makespace

The YMCA of Louisville was an early adopter of the national YMCA rebranding effort. Makespace was one of the first developers permitted to apply the new brand standards to the web. We pulled off an amazing 16 week end-to-end turnaround. Our new design was so successful that several other YMCAs have used it as an example of how to apply the Y's new brand standards to the web.

Digital Brand Standards

Digital Brand Standards

The YMCA undertook a national rebrand, developing an entirely new set of brand standards that all local YMCA chapters were expected to adopt in all their communications media. However, the new brand standards didn't include any guidelines specific to the web. So, we created their digital brand standards for them and put them to work.

Web Design

Website Design

We designed and created a 1000 page+ website for the YMCA that allows a single person to update all 17 of their associated branches easily, and whenever they need to. This includes schedules, branch hours, events, news, program updates, and more. It also allows easy online registration for programs and membership sign-up.

Interactive Location Map

This convenient feature makes it easy to find the YMCA locations nearest to your home or workplace. It links directly to a Google Map API for use with your GPS software for a simple and effective solution.

Multiple Locations = Multi-Site

Essentially this website is a collection of independent websites controlled by a single, powerful Content Management System (CMS). This allows each location control over their unique updates.

  • Berrytown Family YMCA
  • Bullitt County Family YMCA
  • Calypso Cove Family Waterpark
  • Camp Piomingo
  • Chestnut Street Family YMCA
  • Dixie Manor, Southwest Extension
  • Downtown Family YMCA
  • Middletown, Northeast Extension
  • National Safe Place
  • Northeast Family YMCA
  • YMCA at Norton Commons
  • Oldham County Family YMCA
  • YMCA Safe Place Services
  • Southeast Family YMCA
  • Southwest Family YMCA
  • YMCA School-Age Child Care Services

Separate Full Website For Child Care

The YMCA of Greater Louisville liked working for us so much that they came back and asked us to build another site dedicated to specifically to their child care services.

SMS Texting Capability

We also custom built a feature that allows those who sign up to receive important text notifications regarding cancelled or rescheduled events or other emergency information.

Mobile Friendly

Full Mobile Website

Many YMCA members are on the go so we new the mobile version of the website needed to be informative, but very easy to use.


Statistics from the new YMCA Louisville Website:

  • Simplified sign-up for new members
  • Increased online membership applications
  • Greatly improved conversion rates for registration
  • Decreased bounce rates for the site overall
  • Increased average-time-on-site
  • Improved success rates for visitors finding desired information
  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Social media integration
  • Set the standard for national brand compliance on the web