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Portfolio: Springdale Automotive

Why They Called Makespace

Springdale Automotive was struggling to work with their dated site. Their services and locations weren’t organized, they had broken pages, they weren’t ranking for SEO and visitors to the site were having a bumpy user experience. We knew we could help, so we did.

Fully Custom Website

Website Design

When it came to the website design, we knew we’d have to combat the discomfort people feel over calling an automotive place, and we did it by building credibility in every facet of the website. We focused on using clear language and an easy-to-navigate site layout. We wanted to emphasize transparency, so we showcased real, happy clients through beautiful, custom photography. Springdale Automotive is changing the way customers view auto repair, so their site was designed to showcase thoughtful and educational content. We even designed the homepage to feature promotions, news, updates and closings so they didn’t have to spam their customers with endless mail. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

Fully Responsive

Fully responsive websites are the law of the land here at Makespace, but in Springdale Automotive’s case, we knew it was especially important. We needed to carry the site’s transparency and openness across every platform, and we needed to get their SEO ranking up. We also made sure the site was easy to use on mobile, just in case a customer needed to contact Springdale or find their location from the side of the road.

Services Aggregator

Let’s face it - a lot of times, we only know something’s wrong with our cars when they start showing symptoms, and when we see them, we don’t know what to do. The solution? We created a fully customized and interactive car map based on the lights you might see pop up on your dash. Each area features helpful information to guide you toward a solution, and let’s face it - it’s a cool way to showcase services.

Locations Manager

Since Springdale has multiple locations but wanted to keep transparency and access to a real person a priority, we created a locations manager that features the hours and management staff at each location. Whether a site visitor is coming by way of desktop or mobile, they can directly select a location and get directions at the touch of a button.

Custom Photography