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Portfolio: Novia

Why They Called Makespace

Novia needed a straightforward resource for their current and potential clients that stood out in a sea of disorganized media outlets in their industry. A well-organized online solution that could quickly provide customers with information, all while staying sleek and clean, was essential. A logical and beautiful site geared toward a positive user experience? Don’t mind if we do.

Logo Concepts

Logo Concepts

We sat down with Novia to really get a feel for the message and image their brand wanted to convey. Then we created multiple fresh logo concepts - ranging from industry-based and literal to more abstract - for them to choose from and recommended a few of our favorites.

Logo Design

Logo Design

We created a new Novia logo inspired by the letters in the company name and the shapes of elements used in the industry. The result was a logo that was fresh, clean-lined and easily recognizable. Novia loved their new logo just as much as we did.

Brand Concepts

Brand Components

To go with Novia’s newly reinvented logo, we created a distinct color palette made up of colors specifically selected for their ability to work well together. We focused on selecting a palette that was every bit as progressive as the logo, and we made sure it exuded expertise and looked good across marketing mediums.

Responsive Website

Website Design

Because Novia was a leader in their industry, their site had to reflect it. Our website design focused on a simple user experience and a layout that showcased their products in an organized way.

Fully Responsive

Novia features innovative products that can really make a difference - a site that was living in the past just wouldn’t do. Needless to say, we made their brand-new site fully responsive.

Custom Case Studies

Because they work with a wide variety of clients on an assortment of projects, we knew we just had to give them a platform to show it. We created a custom case studies module that showcases how Novia works across industries to come up with inventive and customized solutions.

Custom Blog

Novia is a forward-thinking, adaptable and intelligent company - of course they have cool insights, too. We created a custom blog so they’d have a tool to share industry news and product updates.

Simple intranet

Novia clients buy specific products, and nobody has time to rifle through a drawer of bulky user manuals when they need something. Together, we came up with a customized solution in the form of an extra-attractive client portal. There, Novia clients can log in and find all the specs about the products they’ve purchased - with no wasted paper, and no papercuts from digging through the drawer.

Print Collateral

Custom Brochure

We created a beautiful, on-brand brochure to highlight Novia’s products and services. This handout served as a physical version of their website and a takeaway that directs users to the client portal, where they can create an account and access their information.