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Portfolio: DAV

Why They Called Makespace

DAV has always been an organization doing great things for veterans in our country, but the Louisville chapter was struggling to reach the younger community. They decided to change it up by partnering with us to develop a dynamic web presence.

Mini Site Style Guide

Style Guide

The Louisville DAV brand needed a signature look and feel that mirrored the reassurance and hope they give. We selected a color palette that radiated warmth and support and paired it with a fresh font family for a modern take.

Web Design

Website Design

With their passion for serving veterans and their desire to really make a difference, the Louisville DAV needed a website that encouraged interaction. Creating a relaxing and stress-free user experience was essential, so we worked to create ambient videos and helpful tools presented through easy navigation. Creating a warm and welcoming site also gave us the chance to highlight the importance of community to the DAV.

Fully Responsive

A fully responsive website was critical for the Louisville DAV because we needed to create a great user experience on every device, especially to make sure we were effectively reaching younger veterans.

Custom Blog

The DAV is up to so many things in Louisville that a cool way to showcase them was a given. We created a custom blog dedicated to keeping veterans up-to-date on the latest chapter information, sharing important notifications and providing another way to stay connected to others who have been in their shoes.

Custom Events Calendar

Because the Louisville DAV is so involved in our community, we knew a stylized (and attractive) events calendar was a necessity for keeping people in the know about how and when they could plug in.

Email Newsletter Registration

With so many members in this chapter alone, the Louisville DAV needed a way to bring their website to the veterans it serves. A newsletter made perfect sense, so we seamlessly integrated a signup system so everyone could stay in the loop.