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Portfolio: Jeptha Creed

Why They Called Makespace

Jeptha Creed was launching both a distillery and a brand, and they needed to bring both into the light in a highly competitive industry. They brought the spirit (and spirits), and we brought the magic online.

Standard Website Base

Website Design

Jeptha Creed is a spirits company unlike any on the market, so we decided to create a website to match that. We showed off their new brand in a different type of layout that used a long scroll and focused on their signature products. We crafted content that was every bit as intriguing and humorous as the minds behind the brand, and we wrapped it up in a beautiful and rustic design.

Fully Responsive

When you’re standing in a liquor store trying to decide which product to buy, you don’t have time to mess with a site that’s not responsive. Naturally, we made sure this site was easy to use and fully responsive on mobile.

Locations Manager

We even incorporated a helpful "Where to Buy" feature so you can easily find Jeptha Creed products, no matter where you are. With the use of geo location, you’ll be able to cast out a net and find Jeptha Creed spirits near you.

Recipes Manager

Jeptha Creed spirits mix so smoothly into custom drinks, it almost seems like a crime not to share. We created a recipes manager so the Creed Cocktails could easily be featured on social media, complete with links to the products used.