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Portfolio: ID+A

Why They Called Makespace

ID&A knew it was time to go digital or die not trying. ID&A came to us to build a portal that would cater to their high profile clientele. Our solution is not only slick and purdy, it's sticking money in their pockets.


Site Style Guide

We enhanced the entire ID&A brand by developing an exciting color palette, modern typography standards and logo usage guide.

Web Design

old website design
Old (This is what we were handed)
new website design
New (This is what we handed back)

Walking the Walk

They were a design service without a good design. We changed that by creating a beautifully modern website that better represent their culture.

Website Design

As a certified dealer of Herman Miller and many other high design office furniture manufacturers, it was important to design a website that not only represented the ID&A brand and services, but was a good backdrop for the brands they represent.

Product Catalog with CMS

Modern office furniture can have almost unlimited customizable options. We created a Product Catalog that ID&A could control in-house, providing their clientele with an information rich resource page for each of their product offerings.

Services Catalog with CMS

ID&A's services are equally important as their products, so it was a must that we develop a tool that allowed them to add and edit new service lines when they need to without having to call us.

Geolocation Feature

With multiple locations, our geolocation feature uses a visitors IP address to surface the address and phone number of the nearest ID&A location.

Interactive Staff Directory By Location

In design as a service, a company is only as good as it's people. This feature provides ID&A a tool in which to establish rapport with their clients before they even meet.

Case Studies with CMS

ID&A does beautiful work. Potential clients want to see it. This feature allows the staff at ID&A to update their portfolio immediately after wrapping up a project. Win-win.

Secure Online Forms

ID&A cares about their clients' privacy. So do we.

E-commerce Extranet

This very special custom system is actually a separate site that we developed for their largest client, which spends over $5 million a year with ID&A. Our custom solution saves both parties thousands of dollars each year. We then gave ID&A the ability to provide this system to any client that needs it.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Website Design