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Portfolio: Flame Run

Why They Called Makespace

Flame Run needed a site that brought the color and adventure of blown glass creation to life. They wanted to give the excitement of their craft a little “umph” without alienating their audience.

Brand Components

Standard Website Base

Website Design

In order to give online visitors the same experience that people get in the studio, we wanted to give them a virtual tour. An immersive video greets guests as soon as they arrive on the site, and a scroll leads them to choose between checking out “the experience” and exploring “the gallery.”

Fully Responsive

Flame Run is one of the most exciting destinations in downtown Louisville, and locals and patrons alike needed to be able to access a fully responsive site on the go.


The creator of Flame Run and countless original pieces of art, Brook F. White, Jr. needed a place to share his musings and studio updates.

Events Calendar

Flame Run operates in a cool and highly requested space, and they needed to give guests a way to see upcoming events, workshops and more.

Landing Page

Flame Run’s mission is to ignite the passion in everyone who walks through their doors. Why shouldn’t their website do the same? We created vibrant landing pages to greet visitors and help direct them around the rest of the site.