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Portfolio: Bluegrass Brewing Co.

Why They Called Makespace

BBC is a fast-growing local brewery with two locations and a swank private party rental venue. It needed a site that not only gave customers the deets on its in-demand craft brews, but that also brought together all these locations onto one drool-worthy site.

Site Style Guide

Brand Components

With multiple locations, BBC needed one tight website that pulled all of its offerings into one place, but let each one have its own spotlight. The one common factor: fresh, bold, local craft beer.

Web Design

Website Design

Sure, we wanted to include all of the info that a customer needs when they pull up a site. But we made sure the beer took the spotlight. Gorgeous custom video of beer from the tap and being enjoyed right at the bar. Close up shots of the actual grain and the process behind the craft. Mouthwatering pics of the pub fare. These images give visitors the feeling of being there. The whole site makes you want to hit up the closest location right now.

Fully Responsive

Because people today are always on the go, restaurant websites must be responsive and give the best experience possible on all mobile devices. This one does its job and then some. Even on your phone, you get the same feel of the full site with easy access to info you need like locations, times, and directions.

Video Production

We shot custom action video at BBC to give customers a true feel of what they’re missing. Rows of beer taps. Panning the wall of mugs for their 1,000-member “Worthog Club.” Stacks of bourbon barrel stout. And folks just enjoying the laidback, delicious experience that BBC provides.

Custom Photography

All those yummy photos were also custom shot for BBC. Expert bartenders, tasty pub grub, on-site views of the bars. You get to see what it’s like inside each location. You know you want your next event to be held at the Bourbon Barrel Loft—just look at that classy decor.

Interactive Menus, with "What's On Tap" Feature

Each location has its own favorite foods, so the site has menus for both. The best feature, though, is What’s On Tap. From the main page, you can click What’s On Tap for your favorite location to see a list of which seasonal craft beer is available along with what’s always ready to be served.


Like any local institution, BBC needed a space to showcase their awards, news and other upcoming events. We gave them their own blog where they can update content at will along with feature photos.