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Portfolio: A1 Vacuum

Why They Called Makespace

Matt House of A-1 Vacuum takes his family business very seriously. He knew he wanted a website that would allow him to easily feature helpful how to videos and let his clients know what brands his 5 locations provided sales and service for. He also knew his dated logo needed some love.

Web Design

old website design
Old (This is what we were handed)
new website design
New (This is what we handed back)

Bragging Rights

A-1 Vacuum claims to be the best. We made 'em look the part by replacing an amateur website with a contemporary, professional website.

Feature Rich Website

The concept behind this design is that vacuum cleaner sales and service doesn't need to be old school and boring. We opted to create a resource for A-1's potential clients and we gave Matt the keys to his website by integrating a custom CMS that lets him add dynamic content as he needs to. This site features:

  • Product Gallery
  • Current Offers
  • Tips & Tricks (with custom videos)
  • Locations Manager

Integrated Video

Matt is an expert in all things vacuum cleaner. So, he needed the ability to feature his helpful videos quickly and easily.

Self-Help Section

We utilized content marketing in this section to provide helpful information to his website visitors that also had the added benefit of adding great keywords for great ranking on Google.

Online Offers

This feature gives A-1 a website that is consistent with his in-store offers or allows him to publish web-only promotions.

Product Landing Pages

Allowing visitors to search by product type increased visits, repeat visits and conversion.

Dedicated Brand-Specific Pages

Featuring their major brands is a great way to increase SEO, provide information to clients and demonstrate credibility.

Graphic Design

Business Cards

A great place to put that cool new logo!

The Results

Business is booming in part due to this website taking over the number 1 result for key terms like "Vacuum Repair" or "Vacuum Sales" in all of their markets on Google, Bing and Yahoo.