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Buzz: The Makespace Blog

When It Comes To Effective Web Design, Simple Wins

User Experience, Web Design

Much like a complex business website, an iPhone is an impressive and fascinating piece of technology. However, a design that's more like a rotary dial phone--one that's elegantly simple and easy to navigate--will be more likely to make your real business phone ring with new customers. Even if your real business phone actually is an iPhone.

Website Rebuild: Content Harvesting and Data Migration

Makespace Team

Content, Web Design, Information Architecture, Search, Development

When the choice is made to more-or-less abandon an old site structure for a new one, the content within the site may very well be salvagable. In fact, it is worthwhile...

How We Roll: The makespace! Website Design Process Guide, Pt. 1 of 2

Mark Palmer

User Experience, Web Design, Information Architecture, Discovery, Manage, Enhance

The process of website design and development is fraught with potential hazards. Miscommunication, failure to mitigate expectations, disorganization and their prolific and ugly kin can appear at any time of the road to building a successful web design experience.

Five ultracool HTML5 applications that will blow your mind.

Mark Palmer

User Experience, Web Design, Development, Enhance

Everybody loves a good old-fashioned list post. Today, we’re combining that blogging standby with the cutting-edge goodness of HTML5. Here are some sites/games/apps (HTML5 is pretty versatile for a markup language) we thought were pretty sweet.